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    An old Jewish man gets on the subway in New York and sees a priest.

    He notices the white collar, and decides to ask what it's about.

    "Why do you wear your collar backwards?" The old Jewish man asks.

    The Priest, being polite, responds "Well, Sir, because I'm a father."

    "I am a father too, but I wear my collar normal."

    "Yes," the Priest begins, "but I am father of many"

    The old Jewish man shakes his head. "I have 8 children, and so many grandchildren I don't know most their names, and still my collar isn't backwards."

    The priest, aggitated, slams his fist in his palm, "Sir! I am the father of hundreds!"

    The elderly Jewish man, beweildered, stands to get off the subway, and leans over to the priest, "Mister, maybe you should start wearing your pants backwards."

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    nice one..
    thx for shr...
    Pyar Na Dil Se Hota Hai, Na Dimaag Se...
    Pyar To Ittefaq Se Hota Hai.
    Per Pyar Karke Pyar Hi Mile...
    Ye Ittefaq Kisi Kisi Ke Sath Hota Hai.

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    Thanks For Sharing!!!!!



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