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    What's wrong with the patient?' the inquisitive nurse asked the psychiatrist.
    " He claims to have a split personality."
    "Well, what do you recommend?"
    "I told him to go chase himself."


    Dentist-"Open wider, please...wider.."
    Dentist(inserting rubber gag,towel, and sponge) -"How's your family?"


    "Tell me truly,Doctor ,what are my chances to recover?"
    "Just 100 per cent! Statistics show that only nine out of ten die from your disease--and nine of my patients have already died from it in my hands. You're the tenth--so you are safe."


    "I'm glad I attended your lecture on Insomnia, doctor."
    "Did you find it interesting?"
    "No, but it cured my Insomnia."



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