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    I'm just letting stuff out. So I'm finding forums where I can just post this:

    She made the biggest mistake of her life. She was hardly happy but there comes this guy. He's Anonymous though. They fell in love...obviously. But the girl had this huge secret from her past. She never wanted to bring it out in the open because she knew that it will ruin her life forever. She kept that one secret from Anonymous. But after a couple of months...her past came back to haunt her. It nearly ruined her life. Actually, it did. She had to come out and tell him everything. That's when all hope died. His love for her...vanished. He was disgusted, hurt, and shocked. She knew it was her fault but she was trying so hard to forget that nasty past. And she really didn't want to drag anyone into it because it was the past. It was supposed to be forgotten. He didn't understand though. He hates her now. He regrets meeting her. And hopefully...she'll die...not from her past but from the pain it is causing her that he is gone. He was the only thing that brought happiness and colors in her life. Now, her life is back to being dull--black and gray. If only she could get rid of this agony. But she can't, because she can't leave her family alone to deal with anything.
    It'll take one phone call. One shot. One person. And it will be the end. The end. The final end. It already ended but that shot will end it properly.



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