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    Default I am 'try sexual' for I am ready to try everything: Imam Siddique

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    You can love him, you can hate him, but you cannot ignore him!!! Yes, we are talking about the ever colourful and talented Imam Siddique.

    After catching the fancy of the entire world through his wacky antics in Bigg Boss 6, the well known anchor and fashion icon is back with a bang with an entire show on himself - MTV Timeout with Imam- Ek Insaan, Kai Pehchaan.

    The series will feature the king of entertainment, who will take you through his daily life, his many moods and his move on a 13-week long journey which will focus on accomplishing that one goal in Imam’s life…which is to make it big in Bollywood.

    Holding on to his excitement on being associated with the show, Imam states, “I am extremely happy that MTV has given me this opportunity to connect with my fans again. With this show, I will be fulfilling my right as a member of the society by giving out entertainment free of cost, direct on the viewers’ TV screen.”

    Imam, the eternal optimist and opportunist, as he calls himself, is hoping that the audience will love this new show. Describing the venture he says, “The show is all about ‘me, myself and I’. It’s about my eccentricities, my idiosyncrasies, my unreal aspirations and ambitions. The various situations that I have created are all about things I have always wanted to do and I feel that will lead to a hysterical journey.”
    Exalting about his show, the man who has made ‘entertainment’ his middle name avers, “I am enjoying being Imam like never before. I knew I could always make it big with my gift of gab and conventional good looks, but the love and respect I am getting right now is simply out of the world.”

    The show will have Imam using the right weapons of success through his entourage- a hot-shot manager, a well-connected sexy publicist, a bright helpful assistant and a young enthusiastic intern. All will make sure that he strikes the perfect shot. Imam goes on to explain, “The viewers will also get to see my well designed house and my fun pink ambassador which we will ride around the city.”

    Calling himself a changed and a better person after Bigg Boss, Imam says that he has played smart all along and thus is laughing his way to the bank. “After Bigg Boss, I trademarked all my ‘takia-kalams’ because I knew that one day they will become very famous. And when we discussed about the show’s title, we thought there could have been nothing better than this,” he exclaims.

    Hoping that Timeout with Imam would change the ‘historiography’ of TV shows in India, Imam is planning to start with a franchisee soon. He also says that he will be promoting ‘Brand Imam’ through this show, to make it a huge success. The star who even has the British Prime Minister following him on Twiter adds, “Being from an advertisement background, I know the nitty-gritties of the showbiz and it’s just a matter of time, when Imam will be a global brand.”

    The multi-talented Imam also talked about his big dream of being in Bollywood, “I have been offered a lot of roles, but all those who approached, wanted me to play the stereotypical gay character. Now it is time I will move to the big screen on my own terms and conditions.”

    He also joked about his sexuality calling himself ‘try sexual’, for he is ready to try everything.

    Have a great stint…Imam!!!



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