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    Cool Barbara features topless in English version of Kites

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    The promo of Kites: The Remix is out. Yes, that's what they're calling the Brett Ratner presentation of Kites in the US. The trailer for The Remix has been well recieved in the US by industry watchers.

    There are marked differences between the Hindi trailer and the international one. While the desi version features fleeting flirty scenes between the two, the English teaser actually shows a topless Barbara and a passionate liplock between the lead pair, something that's missing in the Indian promo.

    The Hindi trailer is comparatively tame, perhaps made to suit the local sensibilities.
    While Kites releases worldwide on May 21, The Remix, a re-edited version of the 130 minute original, releases on May 28. It is only 90 minutes long and has been reworked by Ratner to be faster, younger and hipper.

    About Ratner's cut, one Hollywood trade analyst had this to say: "Ratner's reputation couldn't be anything further from the Bollywood norm. He's known for movies full of fast cars, fast women, and big explosions. Subtlety isn't his thing. Kites hits theaters thanks to Brett Ratner."

    Says Rakesh Roshan, "The promos for both the international and Indian audiences are same and the kiss is in both. As far as the topless scene (of Barbara Mori) is concerned, it's not true. I don't make such films. For the Hollywood version, they wanted only 90 minutes so we removed all the five songs that are there in the Indian version of Kites."



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