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    Wink dR Debate Round 1:What came first Chicken or Egg ??

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    Welcome to this thread!!

    </center> <center>Hello guys wassup..??after long time ya... btw dunt worry me bk with dR debate which you are waiting ..?? ab aap ka waiting stops here
    </center> <center>So Everyone ready fo that okokok dunt worry me will say how to play n wat to do..........hope yeha par jis jiska naam hai ohh sab is game ko play karenge....

    </center> <center>

    ~*~ What to DO How to play ~*~

    </center> <center>Bata raha hu dunt worry..

    As you all know this is debate so i hope u all know wat is i think you all already guesses wat to do n how to play...niwayz will tell you now if you dunt know.....

    We are goin to discuss about the titel What came first Chicken or Egg..
    We have 2 teams 1 for EGG nd 1 for CHICKEN so we are goin to do compitition TEAM 1 vs TEAM 2
    I made two section 1 section for Team1 nd 1 for Team2...soo you are going in your teams Section and And make your thread with your views..Remember You can get All proofs from google like not a full text....>> why you think egg came 1st??

    you can creat you thread here....



    Write not more then 10-15 sentences for your thread..nd nt more then 3 profs like pictures nd otherz....

    But remember other team memberz frm opposite team can Reply with some questions related with your text nd proof.. ...from where you can loose some points...

    so you have to check you thread every dayz...if you unable to give answer for that question in 2 dayz then you will loose some points.....
    Make thread name always from your team name

    for Team1

    What came 1st :eeg--->>(your name)

    this should be title...

    For to know in which team you are Go here..|-what-came-first-chicken-egg-|.html

    Nd If for some fun we also added some points for thread you can make thread as beautiful as you can u can use alll......

    </center> <center></center> <center>~*~ Couple Of Request To Members ~*~
    </center> <center>Please Respect all playerz ..
    dunt use ani negative rough words.....
    </center> <center>
    </center> <center></center> <center>~*~ For judges ~*~
    </center> <center>1. As u know we have choosen 2 judges Bidz + Solution24.</center> <center>2. After This debate finished they will give your thread points ..out of 10...btw judjes i dunt want unfair game..soo plzz dunt look to the memberz look to the thread wat they made....if u dunt then judges will be kicked out..remember..

    After they give points we will count all points of Team1 and of team2

    And ya we will choose also the best thread....nd that thread person get 10000 REP points as prize so guys wats you waiting for

    </center> <center>

    ~*~How to Give points~*~
    Judges be careful bcz all can see that how much you gave to which thread...

    so after debate finished you have to give points in that thread...

    with comments why they get more or less points..

    ~*~ If you have more questions you can pm me or ask here ~*~

    Last date to submit:15 may
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    Edit :-

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    yaar samajh nhi aai..thread mein kia likhna haai

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaanoo View Post
    yaar samajh nhi aai..thread mein kia likhna haai
    to tell u da truth u shudnt write anything in dis one...this is a contest thread...all the writing shud b in da team section lol
    sorry dude .... Hash

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    ummm...okie...i fink me ko samajh aagaya


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    veryy pretty threadsss sumitt so colorfull.. ok well i guess me n solu just gotta read yay wat fun fun fun

    αм ι тнє σηє αη∂ σηℓу?
    υz уσυ'яє тнє σηℓу σηє
    ιт єℓт ѕσ ℓσηg αη∂ ℓσηℓєу
    ωαιтιηg σя
    уσυ тσ σмє



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