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    Default I知 not an actor who can sell tickets: Nikhil

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    His first film came amid much fanfare, but sank at the BO without a trace. Since then, actor Nikhil Dwivedi has maintained a low profile, preferring to sit back and choose his films correctly.

    And the wait has paid off. With Mani Ratnam痴 much talked about Raavan, Basra with Abhay Deol and Shor with Tusshar Kapoor in his kitty, the actor seems to be a happy man today. 的 started off with a proper commercial film, Anthony Kaun Hai, but nothing happened as the film sank. I was offered many films but they weren稚 exciting enough. I sat back at home and my persistence paid off when I was offered Raavan, confesses the actor.

    While it is the dream of many actors, and not just newcomers, to work with Mani Ratnam, Dwivedi can稚 stop waxing eloquent about the director. 的 think I知 really lucky to be working with someone like Mani Ratnam in my second film itself. I did come with a lot of baggage, but once under the guidance of Mani Sir, I realised that I can perform. It痴 such an overwhelming experience that at the end of it all, you realize that all the adjectives one uses for him are not enough to describe the kind of director he is, says Dwivedi. The movie off course has been in the news from day one, for all the accidents that happened while shooting, and the challenging surroundings. But Nikhil dismisses all of this, saying, 鄭fter just four days of shooting I told Mani Sir that this was the toughest film to be shot. But he just dismissed it and said casually that in the West they shoot war films all the time, which are by far the toughest to shoot. Out here in India we have it easy. All of us were put through the mill, but the experience was extremely satisfying.

    Although he is working in three films, the actor does not play the lead in any. Does that bother him? 的 don稚 think so. Moreover the industry is full of examples of multi-hero projects that have struck BO gold. I just want to be part of some good and intense cinema. I was offered solo hero projects, but I rejected them because they weren稚 good enough. Ask him if it was frustrating as an actor to be sitting home without work, and Nikhil is quick to reply, 的知 not the kind of person who is used to sitting home. When I was a student I did odd jobs. After that as well I was working full time. But when Anthony Kaun Hai flopped, I was forced to sit back and
    reconsider my decisions. I knew I had to chart a different course for my future in films. The fact is I知 not an actor who can sell tickets, so the offers that came to me weren稚 good. I had the choice of either doing bad films and make money, or wait for the right movies to come my way. And I知 glad I waited.

    With his contemporaries doing different and better cinema everyday, does the actor in him feel a tinge of jealousy? 滴onestly, I don稚 envy any actor. Everybody wants to work and has an idea of the kind of films he/she wants to do. I知 also trying to find my way. There痴 no point in envying anyone. Nothing will change, he confesses. While his co-star in Basra, Abhay Deol has tasted success with his own genre of films, actors like Ranbir and Imran too have managed a strong foothold in the industry. Does it help being a star son? 摘ventually it all boils down to success. If you have tasted success, it doesn稚 matter if you are a star son or not. If your film is bad, no godfather or star father can save it from sinking, explains Nikhil. But there must be some perks? 撤robably it痴 easier for star sons to get offers and be noticed, but it ends right there. For the first film the audience will be curious and come to the theatres, but after that you are on your own. Today the audience is dying to see Ranbir in a solo film and not me, because he has worked hard and delivered, quips
    the actor.

    So does he want to be a star or an actor? 的n India the 壮tar system is very prominent. People don稚 go to the theatres for the sake of the film or director. It痴 the star that attracts them. I would be lying if I say that I don稚 want to be successful. But at the same time I want people to say that I知 a good actor too.



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