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    Default Movie Review: Kuchh Kariye (23rd April 2010)

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    By Taran Adarsh, April 23, 2010 - 10:42 IST

    Years ago, my friends often shot amateur videos involving themselves on a handycam. Dancing on popular songs and mouthing the same lines that were popular then, the amateur videos would be played amongst friends during a chilled out evening or during one of those relaxed evenings. The laughter while watching the amateur videos still resonates in my ears.

    Memories of those days flashed in front of my eyes as reel after reel of KUCHH KARIYE unfolded. What happens when an amateur director, an amateur writer and a bunch of amateur actors join hands? It results in a film called KUCHH KARIYE, which, very frankly, makes no sense at all.

    KUCHH KARIYE marks the debut of singer Sukhwinder Singh as an actor. As someone who has been an ardent admirer of his singing, I felt pained to see him cast in a film that has an apology of a script and non-existent direction. As for Sukhwinder's acting skills, the less said the better. He is expressionless, flaunts his physique like Salman Khan and wears garish outfits.

    My sincere and humble advice to Sukhwinder is, stick to singing!

    Sukhwinder, a musician, is in love with Shriya. They leave their hometown for better prospects. They meet Vikrum Kumar and Rufy Khan, who have also arrived in Mumbai to realise their dreams. They decide to make a film to bring about a change in society. But a terror attack changes everything.

    It's difficult to categorise KUCHH KARIYE in any particular genre. The story changes so rapidly and so haphazardly that you're clueless about the on-screen goings-on. In fact, not one department in the film is worth highlighting. The acting too touches a new low.

    On the whole, KUCHH KARIYE is a big yawn.



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