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    Smile For Sridevi's daughter no acting!

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    She was only 4 years back then but age is no bar to enter the industry. Her mother was an important star in South India with hits in Tamil and Telugu. Once a part of Bollywood, Sridevi reigned the charts for a wholesome decade plus.

    Now it's time for the next generation to make appearance. Buzz has it that Sridevi's 13 year old daughter, Jhanvi, will be making her debut pretty soon.

    What did Daddy Boney Kapoor and Mommy Sridevi have to say of the matter? The couple, exhausted by repeated questions and calls, have been downright denying the rumours.

    Father Boney Kapoor put to rest all speculations about Jhanvi's debut in a Telugu film opposite Nagarjuna's younger son Akhil, claiming that their daughter had no interest in entering the field of entertainment - not now, anyways!

    Naturally, the wild talk has made the parents unhappy. One still wonders if such intricate bits of information can all be just a web of woven lies?!


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