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    Default Indian guy in walmart a grocery store!!!

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    it happened today....i went to walmart to pick up some party supplies...
    when i was done i went to check out like everybody.
    the person who was checking out in front me was a tripical FOB!!
    with 5-6 rings in his of his shirt buttons are open..
    and he have that weird walk too.
    The Cashier: Asked the guy sir u paying on cash or credit?
    Indian Guy: watt do i look like i'm not cheap...i dunt pay with kash
    i payy wit creeeeditttt Craddd!! aite, so here go heres my kreditt crad!!
    swipe and u will getch ur mony
    The Cashier: Sir, its your credit card you suppose to swipe the card your self.
    Indian Guy: Whawt do i look like ur servent? india we dunt swipe anything
    we got ppl to swipee for us...
    The Cashier: Sir again this not india...this america you have to do everything by yourself.
    Indian Guy: OKKKKKKK!!! but dis is 1st and last time i will come to this junky palce!! you ppl r bastards u know bastards...
    and just after that he swiped the card and walked out..
    ppl around me all were stunned and laughing their ass off like none other.
    this is probably the funniest shit ever happened
    btw u mite find this video online because whole bunch had their camera out
    sorry dude .... Hash

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    aHHAHAHAHah woww

    αм ι тнє σηє αη∂ σηℓу?
    υz уσυ'яє тнє σηℓу σηє
    ιт єℓт ѕσ ℓσηg αη∂ ℓσηℓєу
    ωαιтιηg σя
    уσυ тσ σмє

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    i pay with kash

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    lol i pay with debit card

    Edit :-

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    haha lmao !
    if u ever com across that video
    post it jus under dis thread

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    sorry dude .... Hash



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