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    Cool [HF] Gary Jules Discography

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    Gary Jules Discography
    3 Albums og 2 Live Optr?dener

    "Gary Jules (born March 19, 1969 in Fresno, California as Gary Jules Aguirre) is an American singer-songwriter, best known for his cover of Tears for Fears' third single "Mad World", which he recorded together with friend Michael Andrews for the cult film Donnie Darko. It became the UK Christmas Number One single of 2003. Since then it has been used on popular American TV shows, and most recently in the commercial for the Xbox 360 video game Gears of War."

    General Info:
    All albums has covers in 500x500 pixels and valid id3v2 tags, all are encodet in mp3. Thanks in comments are always nice

    Teknisk Info:
    Originally released by A&M Records in 08.98.
    Mp3 encoded inn 320 Kbps

    1. Greetings from the Side
    2. St. Christopher's Lullabye
    3. Barstool
    4. Owen Down
    5. Invisible
    6. Bluefish
    7. Ghosts
    8. Heroes & Heroin
    9. Jeremiah Weed
    10. Nothing
    11. Push


    Teknisk Info:
    Originally released 01.02.
    Mp3 encoded in 320 Kbps

    1. Broke Window
    2. No Poetry
    3. DTLA
    4. Lucky
    5. Something Else
    6. Pills
    7. Boat Song
    8. Umbilical Town
    9. The Princess of Hollywood Way
    10. Patchwork G
    11. Barstool
    12. Mad World


    Teknisk Info:
    Originally released 02.05.
    Mp3 encoded in 320 Kbps

    1. Intro
    2. Brains, Money, and Muscle
    3. Mockingbird In A Hurricane
    4. Hotel Cafe Song
    5. California
    6. Little Light In The Sky
    7. Old Days And Memories
    8. Whisky For Everybody
    9. If I Should Lose My Soul
    10. Pocahontas
    11. The Murderous Fiend Of The Starlight Shadows
    12. Barstool ft. John Popper
    13. I Shall Be Released ft. John Popper
    14. Been A Long Time ft. John Popper
    15. She Isn't Mine
    16. Little Greenie


    Teknisk Info:
    Released 08.06. Recorded and produced by Gary Jules.
    Mp3 encoded in 192 Kbps

    1.Falling Awake
    2. The Devil Keeps Grinning
    3. Gone Daddy
    4. Serpent - in - Claw
    5. Little Greenie
    6. There's A Hole in the Sky
    7. Whiskey For Everybody
    8. Wichita
    9. Andalucia
    10. Dustcloud and the Honeybees
    11. Road Song Blues
    12. One Little Light


    Teknisk Info:
    Released 07.07
    Mp3 encoded in 320 Kbps

    1. Welcome (D)
    2. Wichita
    3. Tight Pants (D)
    4. Pills
    5. Bumper Sticker Type Depressed Folks (D)
    6. Falling Awake
    7. Gary Hijacked My Email List (D)
    8. Devil Keeps Grinnin ft Jon Bianco
    9. Shot 25 times (D)
    10. Gone Daddy ft Jon Bianco
    11. Los Angeles ft Jon Bianco (D)
    12. DTLA ft Jon Bianco
    13. Good Times Barstool Story (D)
    14. Barstool ft Jon Bianco
    15. I Saw the Light ft Jon Bianco
    16. Jammin Java (D)
    17. Something Else
    18. Broke Window
    19. Rough Big Brother (D)
    20. Andalucia
    21. Mad World
    22. Peace Train
    23. Dog is my Co-Pilot (D)
    24. No Poetry
    25. Encores are Pretentious (D)
    26. Little Greenie


    Teknisk Info:
    Originally released 01.02.
    Video: 352x288 1700Kbps
    Audio: 224Kbps




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