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    Arrow Lensight - 10 FTII Diploma films - 2CD - x264 - AAC - [DDR]

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    DDR Presents

    Lensight (2008)
    (FTII Diploma Films 2007-08: 2 DVD set)

    A DDR Exclusive for connoisseurs of short films

    DVD Rip - 2x700MB - X.264


    The pictures are Thumbnails. Please click to see in original size.
    Please Read Uploader's Notes Below

    Tech Specifications:
    subtitles in English are hardcoded.


    Saira and Sikander live in an isolated palace in the middle of a village. The palace overlooks a lake.Saira’s obsession with the palace makes her live here forever; she’s

    almost on a self-imposed house arrest, but her urge to spend an entire life here stifles Sikander as he desperately wants to find a way out of this place. After all his

    requests, pleas and threats fall into deaf ears, through a twist of fate Sikander finds a way to leave. Eleven years later when he comes back to the village once again to

    pay his yearly visit to the palace, he meets a mysterious stranger – someone who seems to know a lot about him and is always a step ahead.

    India, the land of unity in diversity, still equates ‘land’ with ‘Mother’. But what kind of land is it? And what kind of mother is she? A young army officer visits his martyr

    friend’s mother and teacher. His journey confronts him with certain characters and situations. Led to a realization, a strange dream unfolds before his eyes.

    3)Dhin Tak Dha:
    GOPAL a garage mechanic accidentally meets a group of artists who perform in different villages. He is fascinated by this new life, but sooner he realizes that life is not

    easy for these artists. In his own way he tries to help them through their crisis. But this helps turns into a mistake. CHIEF the head of the group doesn’t forgive him for

    this. Feeling guilty he leaves the group and returns to his garage only to meet them again ‘accidentally’.

    Leading her to the crossway, challenging all her decisions.

    The story is about loss of identity, of humanity, of association, of memories and of attachment in the trying times of partition.

    6)Raindrops on Tin Roof:
    A woman who has lost her husband in a car accident is unable to accept the loss. She goes to live in a small town with her mother who has been a widow for many

    years only to experience and realize strange and mysterious emotions she is not prepared for.

    Stations is a story of dysfunctional relationships , of characters who are emotionally detached and unable to fit with the world around them . It concerns about feelings

    of existential malaise and urban alienation , of immigrant reality of isolation and assimilation , of characters letting loose and moving on to a new setting and to a new


    8)Swayambhu Sen Foresees his End:
    All stories conclude in the film maker never making a film but the 'hows' and the 'whys' differ. The film delves into a third degree of removal from truth as the

    protagonist and all characters seem to be constituted by the people on the bus. The film is a magical , dark journey into the possibilities of fate and the survival of true

    talent in the business that Indian Popular cinema has been reduced to.

    9) Thread

    10) When This Man Dies:
    The monotony of an office worker’s life is disrupted when he receives a letter offering him money when a particular person dies. As these letters and the promised

    money is delivered to him regularly, his other fixed daily patters start to alter, as does his life style.

    11) Graduates of the FTII
    A documentary giving snapshots of alumni from the FTII who have made a name for themselves in the world of cinema is also added as a bonus.


    These Diploma films celebrate the spirit of cinema. These films, many of them acclaimed as being the finest works in the medium, reflect the composite

    learning acquired by the students at the Film & Television Institute of India. These films are in a way, the points of departure for discourse amongst the next

    generation of connoisseurs of good films and experimentas with cinema.

    Encompassing diverse genres and styles, individual expression is the common thread running through these films - cinema that bespeaks commitment and


    Uploader's Notes:
    The films have been individually ripped and presented so that will fit into 2 CDs. The 5.1 Channel surround sound has been preserved, albeit in Nero AAC

    format, with very little loss in quality. The original frame size has been preserved (after cropping).

    And if someone wonders about the black borders, I have had to add them (or keep them) to preserve the hardcoded subtitles. I have reduced them or eliminated

    them wherever possible (thats why the frame sizes are different for some films).

    Although the video quality of these rips is excellent, If bandwidth isn't an issue, do download the XviD rips uploaded separately. The quality there is even better and

    the original AC3 6 Ch sound has been preserved.

    IMDB Link:
    not available.

    A Debpk77 Release




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