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    Default India’s first 3D commercial is here!

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    When the best get going, boundaries get broken. Standing testimony to this fact is ace cinematographer Rathanavelu aka Randy, who has just added another feather to his cap by shooting what is being claimed as India’s first digital stereoscopic 3D commercial.

    According to sources, the commercial — which promotes a three-door refrigerator — is already making waves in Dubai, where it was screened at the company’s distributors meet.

    After a hectic day’s work, the ace cinematographer, who also happens to be the cameraman for Rajini’s Endhiran, says, “3D has arrived and in style. In fact, even the football world cup this year is going to be available in the 3D format.”

    But, how did this 3-D commercial happen in the first place? Begins he, “We had a 15-day break in between schedules of Endhiran. That was when I got a call from Shiva, the director of this commercial and my long-term friend for whom I’ve shot several commercials. ‘Randy, shall we do this commercial in 3D?’ he asked and I, who simply loved the film Avatar, replied, ‘I’m game’. We then convinced the client about the feasibility of the project and they agreed to it as they were planning to release the commercial only after three months.”

    “The challenge for a cameraman shooting a 3D film lies in the fact that he will have to operate two cameras instead of one and what’s more, each needs to be aligned exactly with the other. One small mistake can ruin the whole exercise,” the cinematographer explains.

    “We had only nine days to shoot the commercial. So, there was no way we could import the rigs that James Cameron had used. We had to make our own. I started reading about 3D films day and night. Meanwhile, we also approached Jijo Punnoose, the director of India’s first 3D film My Dear Kuttichattan, for help. Jijo, the 3D technical head, helped us create a rig from the one that he had used for his film. The rig that we created was a combination of the old and new and weighed almost 100 kg. It was atop this that I fixed both my Red one cameras. Stereographer Nambiyathiri and Balaji also helped,” he adds.

    “It’s not easy to shoot in 3D because you require a strong perspective. You cannot shoot in any condition or use all shades. However, we have tried to push the limits and I must say we have succeeded on quite a few fronts,” he discloses.

    “Originally, the commercial was to last between 40 and 50 seconds. But then, it was stretched to one minute and 20 seconds.”

    “Now, after watching this commercial, several people have approached us to make 3D commercials for them too. On the whole, the effort has been a success thanks to the entire team,” he beams and signs off in style,“3D is here to stay!”

    In Another Dimension

    Endhiran in 3D
    Endhiran is going to be released in the 3D version too. Avatar has been an eye-opener to many of us. Thanks to the film and the technological breakthrough after it, 3D has now caught the imagination of many. Rajini sir is also thrilled about the 3D version of Endhiran.

    Shooting the 3D scenes...
    A 3D scene is shot with two cameras mounted on a rig. The visuals captured by these cameras, one for each eye, will have to be in synchronised format to ensure that the product is not jarring to the viewer’s eyes. Randy shot this commercial using a beam splitter, which reflects the image captured by one camera on to the other, so that both cameras have an exactly identical image at any given point of time.

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