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    Default Deepika Padukone needs her curves

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    Regardless what some other contemporaries maybe following, Deepika Padukone says, she would never like to be zero. ďIf you are heading towards size zero Iím not for it at all, I donít think itís a nice thing. Itís better to be little full and have little shape in your body and I donít think that the Indian body is cut out to be a size zero anyway,Ē she says.

    She in fact is not even quite open to changing the body type for any film like Kareena Kapoor did for Tashan. ďWhat is important is the script, the performances and how you can contribute to the film as an actor and performer. What your body looks like comes in later,Ē she adds.

    Wonder, what the size zero ladies are going to say about such a statement!

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    yeaaa talent is more important.. i think movies were still hit in the 60s and 70s and those ladiess didnt no wat size zero was

    αм ι тнє σηє αη∂ σηℓу?
    Ęυz уσυ'яє тнє σηℓу σηє
    ιт Éєℓт ѕσ ℓσηg αη∂ ℓσηℓєу
    ωαιтιηg Éσя
    уσυ тσ Ęσмє

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    lol a little shape is good with a good brain as well

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    Achtung bebe!!



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