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    Default 'I prefer burning calories by working out' - Harshad Chopra

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    Harshad Chopra the heart throb of many talks about his fitness regime, his workout plans and much more...

    Do you follow any fitness regime?
    Basic idea of fitness for me is to feel light on the stomach, eat healthy, and avoid junk food. In a way, I can say that fitness to me is having a proper intake of basic nutrition and necessities for a healthy body.

    How much time do you spend in a day for workout?

    I usually work out for 45 minutes and if I'm in a mood of working out through swimming then I give it an hour.

    According to you, how important is it to follow a fitness regime?

    I feel it's very subjective. Every person has to figure it out on his own. And once he gets going with it then it easily becomes a part of oneself.

    Do you at all make excuses to go to gym?

    No I don't make any excuses; the day when I feel lazy I decide not to go to the gym.

    What's your usual diet?

    Ghar ka khana Dal, Roti and sabzi.

    Do you look upon calories when it comes to eating?
    No I am a food lover so instead of counting on calories in food I prefer burning it out by working enough.

    How were you in your teen years and now?

    I was an athlete during my school days so I always had that slim physique, but then during my 12th exams after I quit sports I had become a bit chubby. After that I have maintained myself well but without compromising on my food habits.

    Suggest some fun ways for working out.
    I think swimming is a good way, playing with the dog if you have a pet, running on roads at night as there is less traffic but keeping oneself beware of street dogs (giggles).

    Do you have a dietitian or an instructor to maintain your fitness?

    I had one earlier; he was a young guy but quite knowledgeable. But as time passed by, I started working out on my own.

    Who has an impressive body in the industry right now?
    I think many of them have a good body like Karan Wahi, Karan Singh Grover. And there are also people like Manav Gohil who don't have a muscular body in shape but they look good in what they wear. So I feel any person who can carry oneself well in any attire and feels healthy can be tagged as having an impressive body.

    Anyone that you idolize when it comes to good physique?

    I have been a big fan of Salman Khan.

    Once I was called the Best,
    now you can also be called the Best in ur category.
    so what u waiting 4! make urself capable of being called best....



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