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    Default Aamir to take a break in 2012?

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    When it comes to planning a filmi career, no one knows it better than Aamir Khan. Many of our B-town beauties would hit the panic button if they didnít have atleast one movie in hand, and even sign up for mediocre projects in desperation (no faults of theirs, blame it on the rat-race). But this Khan man has a strange way of planning his career. Well, call him an idiot if you please, we think heíd love that too. After enjoying one of the biggest successes of Indian cinema, Aamir has pulled the brakes on his career.

    Currently he is only focussed on his wifeís directorial debut, Dhobhi Ghat, and his next production Peepli Live. Soon after that all his attention will be on nephew, Imranís Delhi Belly. So dearies, chances are that we wonít be seeing AK in a full-fledged role till 2012. Hmmm... suddenly Ďall izz not wellí with your fans, AK. Címon, you canít do this to them, yaar.

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