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    Thumbs up Abhishek’s Bingo fails to ‘Boom’ on the ratings charts

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    Looks like Abhishek Bachchan’s debut on television didn’t make an impact as desired. While the channel received a thumping rating for the opening episode -had to be considering viewers were curious about Junior B’s first outing on TV as host and also with Amitabh Bachchan as the first guest, it was expected to be a magical episode – which the overworking PR machine even claimed to be better than Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan’s ratings when they first debuted on TV.

    But now a bird from the channel says that the ratings thereafter have been “just about average with no major dhamaka”. The bird further chirped, “But we have no complaints from Abhishek, he’s been trying hard and he is good at his job, it’s just that viewers haven’t warmed up to him.” The show which is a 13-episoder is expected to wrap up next month.

    Well, all we can say is it’s once again proved that only content can make a show run and not a famous surname…

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