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    Default Vidya's 'Hum Paanch' days

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    Vidya Balan reminisces her Hum Paanch days.

    ĎWhen I first acted in the TV show Hum Paanch, Iíd thought that I was the best actress (laughs). In fact, thatís what propelled me to go further. But now, Iím a commitment-phobe and I canít see myself working on a long-term TV project. Cinema has spoiled me.

    As for Hollywood, I wonít mind considering an offer if a good script comes my way and Iíd love to work with Jack Nicholson as I love his quirky choice of roles. But the one man I find really hot out there is George Clooney. His eyes have the constant rolled-out-of-bed look which is very attractive. Heís really cool about his looks and thatís what makes him really hot. I love the way he looks at his women ó like they are the only ones left on the planet! Also heís a consistently good and intelligent actor and a director.í

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