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    Default Akshay Kumar gets handcuffed

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    During the shooting of Farah Khan’s ‘Tees Maar Khan’, Akshay Kumar remained in handcuff for full fours hours as the key of the handcuff accidentally broken and adding to the woe the production team forgot to bring the spare keys. A close source said, “A production hand had accidentally broken the key while pulling it out of the handcuff before the scene.

    But Akshay had slipped on the cuffs and the lock clicked into place. He was taking it lightly because he assumed there was an extra key. But when Farah Khan realised the duplicate key wasn’t there, she asked for a locksmith to be summoned before rolling the camera.”The locksmith was called but he failed to open it. Talking about the whole episode, Farah Khan said, “The locksmith couldn’t open the handcuff because it was an imported one and had a complex locking mechanism.

    So I had no other option but to send somebody to the other end of town, where my team member had forgotten the duplicate key. I was surprised that they had forgotten to bring the extra key to FilmCity, but there was nothing else we could do to save the situation.” Farah Khan is thankful to Akshay that he did not lose his cool and waited tolerantly.

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