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    Talking *~!~* Colors Of My Life *~!~*

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    Blue sky,
    White Clouds roll by
    Sea waves underneath
    As though to the clouds
    They're trying to reach..

    Sun setting in the distance
    In the beautiful view
    I seek solace
    Its colors, orange, red and pink
    I watch them and think...

    If I could color my life,
    What color would it be?
    Colors of my life this way
    Would I be able to see?

    I look at the sun
    That's slowly going down
    As though behind the Clouds
    True love it has found..

    Where do I go
    to make my dreams come true?
    It seems as if today;
    I just might find a clue..

    I feel the cold wind blow
    with utter delight
    Sky makes a rainbow,
    the most magnificent sight..

    I see it and I realize
    It's in my hands
    to color my own life..

    Live for today,
    Face what comes your way
    And tomorrow you will rise n' shine
    Like the sun on a bright new day.

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    cool thread nicee poEMyy
    sorry dude .... Hash

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    thanks dear

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    thanks emi and u welcome shab



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