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    Talking Beautiful Bride Bebo?

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    [DOWN]When Kareena was asked about her secret nikaah with Saif, she said that everything about her life hasmade headlines for quite the while. There is no motivation to try and hide the fact of her marriage and break the record. Saifeena have been together for two and half years now. They are happy to continue the courtship phase for some more time. Marriage will happen but not just yet.

    And yet, ideas for her big day are starkly distinct in Kareena's mind. The size zero Bebo has great plans for tying the knot. She wants a lavish ceremony and of course wants to look the best on her wedding day.

    Kareena wants to settle down in life but can't and doesn't wish to bind herself by deadlines and dates concerning her future. Speaking about her marriage, she says that as she is the last unmarried girl in the Kapoor family, and wants the preparations, when they happen, to be a grand affair.

    As for their delay in officially becoming man and wife, Kareena claims that Saif doesn't want to ruin her blooming career and its one of the reasons she loves her man unconditionally.

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