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    Default No one can bully the film frat: Arjun

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    Pooh-poohing rumours of the absence of dil dosti etc in Bollywood, Arjun Rampal tellsTOI that no one can uncork the bubbly like saif and how srk
    was at his bubbliest when he won the national award for rock on!

    Suffering from allergic reaction, the negative effect of having popped a pill for backache, Arjun Rampal was not in the pink of health, on his visit to the City of Joy. Sleeping, when not ramp walking, he chose to remain behind closed doors. But ill-health was no dampener to his spirits as he chose to talk about matters close to his heart.

    You seem pretty agitated about the Shiv Senaís interference with My Name Is Khan...
    Itís ridiculous! The film fraternity cannot be bullied this way. I donít believe that you need to be a Marathi manoos to live in Maharashtra or be a Punjabi to live in Punjab. Letís not mock our democracy in this fashion. The CM himself has put his foot down. The lawbreakers must be brought to book. SRK was so thrilled when I got the National Award and now, itís time I lent him every possible support. As a citizen of democratic India, I too have freedom of expression. If need be, Iíll be vocal about what I think is right.

    SRK was among the first ones to have congratulated you after your National Award win. Yet, itís believed there are no real friendships in the industry...

    Itís much like the popular notion that models canít act. Both these ideas are baseless. In fact, the industry has many a story to share about loyalties.

    You threw an impromptu party after the National Awards were declared where Saif too was present. Did both of you celebrate together for your
    individual accomplishments?

    The news of Saif being selected for the Padma Shri came the next day. I know him for many years now and the best part about him at a party is that he uncorks the
    bubbly like no one else. Itís so sleek that Iím trying my best to learn it from him.

    While on the National Awards, do you think it helps improve the commercial bankability of a star?
    If you win an award, you are more in the limelight. Itís nothing like those who wouldnít approach me, have started doing so now. Everyone approaches me with work, but they know I wouldnít do certain roles, so those get filtered out. Thereís nothing like not doing multi-starrers. About the commercial aspect, the film is always the hero. All that Iím bothered about is whoís going to be making the film and what the role is like.

    Going back to the Padma awards, they are in the news for all the wrong reasons. Veteran actor Anupam Kher has commented that itís become much like any other TV award...
    I have no clue about what he has said. No one can get the Padma Award without any contribution. We have to get rid of the crab mentality. The award is given to one who has a body of work and has the ability to do a lot more. Itís a sort of an encouragement.

    The Padma list has also come under scrutiny for its inclusion of a hotelier (Sant Singh Chatwal) with a tainted background...

    Thereís another way of looking at it. When you are creating employment for 20,000, 40,000 or maybe, 1,00,000 people, it canít be said that thereís no contribution at all.

    Talking about work, you have three diverse roles to boast of...
    Housefull is a great entertainer. It was fun doing the film, so much so that I donít remember when it started and got over. I play a progressive kind of a person. Rajneeti is intense and stark. It touches the Mahabharata and the psychological side of politics. I play a large-hearted guy in this film. The third is the remake of Stepmom and I had a great time working with Kajol, Kareena and the three wonderful kids. While Kajol is natural and spontaneous, Kareena is young and vibrant. Itís good to see her come of age.
    Check out Arjun Rampal ís homepage



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