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    One day Bala and his son Nine Boy were gardening and the little boy
    found a dead bird lying on the turf with it's legs up in the air. *

    *Inquiringly, Nine Boy asked Bala what had happened to the bird, and
    Bala, not wanting the boy to be frighten of the realities of death,
    began to explain:
    "You see son, this bird here is an Indian Mynah. The Indian Mynah is a
    very clever bird. When it knows that it is going to die, it comes here
    on the grass, and lie on it's back with it's legs up in the air so that
    the Angels can come and easily carry him away". This satisfied Nine Boys

    *The next Friday Bala came home and was greeted by his frantic son,
    shouting Uppa! Uppa! Umma almost died today!".
    "Come here nayna, and tell me what appened"
    "Well Uppa, I knocked off school early today, just like you taught me I
    came home. When I came home I saw Mommy lying on the bed with her legs
    up in the air and she was shouting "Aiyoh Saami I'm comming, Aiyoh Saami
    I'm comming",but luckily Uncle Peru was there to hold her down otherwise
    the Angels would have taken her away".** *

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    mai F ko F hee Bolta ho lolzzz



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