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    Lightbulb Ishitta Sharma Back to Reality

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    [DOWN]She may have caught our attention playing a ghost in TV’s Kya Hadsa Kya Haqeeqat, but Ishitta Sharma is more than pleased to find herself as a real person in an SRK movie - Dulha Mil Gaya. “I was overjoyed, excited and overwhelmed by the fact that I got to meet him,” she says, “He came across as a very sweet person. I found him very focused and I liked the fact that he maintained a professional rapport with me because that way, I got to watch him and learn.”

    Ishitta is clear that she doesn’t want any glamour parts just for the sake of it - she’s in the game for the acting alone. “I want to be recognised as a good actor,” she confirms, “But I don’t know whether it will happen in two years, or five years or 10 years. I am glad that I have been accepted as an actress.”

    Ishitta featured in the interesting Loins of Punjab Presents, an English-language movie starring Shabana Azmi and Ayesha Dharkar; and was also a hit in the youth-oriented Tamil movie Sakkarakatti with budding new superstar Shanthnoo.

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    mai F ko F hee Bolta ho lolzzz

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