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    Exclamation TearDrop On The Rose...

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    A teardrop fell upon the rose
    That he held close to his chest.
    In sympathy, the petals closed,
    As he saw his love at rest.

    The rose it seemed to feel his pain
    As one by one his petals fell
    And upon the stem of thorns,
    Now fell the pouring rain.

    Bending down, he picked the petals
    And to himself, he drew them near;
    he saw, in the rose, his broken heart
    And on the petal, his fallen tear.

    Between the pages of a book,
    He placed the petals tenderly
    And the rose, it shed a tear,
    As if it cried in sympathy.

    The words, on the pages read,
    Forever, my love, remember me
    And when you see a rose of red,
    Remember, love, to remember me.

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    gd work yar
    keep it upp
    mai F ko F hee Bolta ho lolzzz

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    I am Brown so ARe you DOwN?
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    vewyy interesting yo
    sorry dude .... Hash



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