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    Smile The coldest inhabited places on Earth

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    Vostok, Antarctica: -89.2C

    At -89.2C the Russian research station at Vostok easily holds the record for the coldest permanently inhabited place on the planet.

    Oymyakon, Siberia: –71.2C

    The residents of this small settlement in north-eastern Russia consider it a normal winter day when the temperature hovers around -45C, which is the average winter temperature. When things get really chilly, the mercury can fall as low as -71C.

    Verkoyhansk, Siberia: –69.8C

    Yakutsk, Russia: –64.4C

    Located 450km south of the Arctic circle, Yakutsk, with a population of more than 200,000 people, is the coldest city on Earth. Average winter temperatures hover around -40 C, and the city is built on continuous permafrost with most buildings erected on concrete piles.

    Yakutsk sits on the west bank of the River Lena, which becomes so deeply frozen in winter that traffic can drive across it.

    Snag, Yukon, Canada: –63.9C

    All manner of bizarre phenomena accompany such intense cold. When breathing there's a tinkling sound as the ice crystals from the water vapour in your breath hit the ground; breath vapour trails may hang in the air for several minutes like aerial footprints; and people talking and dogs barking up to four miles away can be heard clearly.

    Prospect Creek Camp, Alaska: –62.1C

    Situated alongside the Alaska oil pipeline about 20 miles north of the Arctic circle, the Prospect Creek Camp recorded its record-breaking low temperature in January 1971. Perhaps surprisingly, the oil inside the pipeline doesn't freeze at such gelid temperatures thanks to four-inch thick fibreglass thermal insulation around the pipes.

    Stanley, Idaho: –47C

    Stanley, to be found 1900 metres up in the remote and spectacularly craggy Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho, not only holds an impressive record low temperature. The small town (population 100) also holds the record for routinely being the coldest place in the lower 48 US states (ie, those outside Alaska), with an average January mean of -2C.

    Even in midsummer, the temperature can fall below freezing at night - and then a climb to a jarring 30C during the day

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