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    Default Katrina-Salman still together and going strong

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    While the world is broken into two opinions whether Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are still together or not, it has been found that the pair is not only very much jointly but also going strong. We came to the conclusion when Katrina sprung from her seat on looking at Salman stepping in and sweetly greet the actor with a kiss and even shared pleasantries. It seemed that All Is Well between Salman and his ladylove Katrina Kaif. He was at the Mehboob studio for his forthcoming film, ‘Veer’ and Katrina too present was there for a soft drink ad.

    The duo shared some funny moments also. As Kat walked away, Salman popped at her dress and remarked, “Is that what you’re wearing in front of the camera?” Katrina nods and continues on her way with Salman shouting out loud, “Pull it up a bit then,” and shrugging as he turns to face us again.Khan questioned the media and the onlookers, “So, who was that? The press has broken me up so many times and wedded me off as many times too. It doesn’t matter!” says Khan.

    Salman is looking forward with high expectation to his next big release, ‘Veer’ made on a budget of more than Rs 50 crore.

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    i thougt they were lyk pyar pyar na raha

    Once I was called the Best,
    now you can also be called the Best in ur category.
    so what u waiting 4! make urself capable of being called best....

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    thanks alot for sharing



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