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    Default Salman Khan gets in ugly spat with Veer filmmakers!

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    Salman Khan’s upcoming flick Veer is so close to his heart that he is leaving no stone unturned, ensuring the film doesn’t has any loopholes.The actor-cum-scriptwriter Salman Khan wanted some changes after watching the rough print of the movie but the filmmakers didn’t approve his suggestions, resulting in an ugly verbal spat between them. A source says, “Salman Khan had been writing the script of Veer over the years. The film is his baby and he is personally involved in every feature. On Friday night, while watching the rough print of the film, Salman Khan was a tad upset with the end product.

    He was unhappy with the length and wanted it to be cut short by a few minutes. He understands that today’s audience does not have the patience to watch a long film.Also, there were certain scenes in this epic film which required technical changes with regards to the colour scheme. Salman explained it to the producer and director but they were adamant about leaving the colour gradient as it is. What started as a discussion finally led to a full-blown argument, resulting in an ugly, verbal spat between the actor on one side and the producer and director on the other.”Though director Anil Sharma denied the news saying that the final print of the movie is not yet out so, there is no question of anyone having watched the movie.

    However, producer Vijay Galani has confirmed the news saying, “Those were creative discussions.A certain portion of the film was shown to Salman and we had a discussion between Anilji, Salman and me regarding the colour gradient. It is Salman’s film and he will naturally give inputs. There was no verbal spat.”



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