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    Default Lekha gets uncomfortable over topless scene

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    What started off as an innocent enough scene, gave Lekha Washington nightmares. She was only supposed to ride a bike with co-star Rajeev Khandelwal for their film 'Peter Gaya Kaam Se'.

    But she broke into cold sweat when director John Owen told her that she needed to go topless for the scene and grasp Rajeev with her back facing the camera. She refused to do the scene point blank.

    She then agreed to do it if they would keep towels in between her and Rajeev. But once again, she refused to do it.

    Finally, the director agreed to let her wear a bikini top for the film to get the shot done. Lekha did the shot but wasn't too happy about it. The unit members told her how important it was for the script and reminded her that when she could do an intimate scene with Rajeev, this shouldn't be an issue.

    Rajeev stated that it was a bold scene and Lekha was uncomfortable shooting. Lekha expressed that Peter Gaya Kaam Se is a film for universal audiences and she didn't see any reason to do the film barebacked.


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