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    Default American swami gives Indian philosophy tips in 'Anokha Safar'

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    'Anokha Safar' the Hindi version of 'The Journey Home: Autobiography of an American Swami' depicting inspiring travails of a courageous journey by an American in search of 'ultimate truths' of life will be released here tomorrow.

    Renowned IPS (retd) Kiran Bedi and Miss India Ekta Chaoudhary will be among guests during the release of the book written by Radhanath Swami over a two-year period.

    Born a Jewish, Swami Radhanath said his ''feeling of emptiness''turned him towards spirituality and brought him to India from the 'land of the free', US.

    ''The book mentions the philosophy of India conceptualised with the essence of other religions while explaining logically and conclusively that 'God is One.'' While history is replete with incidents of hatred with religions, it is in Indian philosophy where the conception of God that includes all and seeing God in everything came to the fore and talked about the ''all inclusive approach of religions'', he said.

    ''The real change that the world needs is of the heart - to love one and all, tranforming greed into charity, anger into forgiveness... and not blindly move towards science and technology that was ripping apart the peace that mankind yearns for.'' Basically an autobiographical narrative of an American teenager, torn between the tumultous times in the US and desperately seeking the meaning of life, the book provides the present Gen-X a way out of the impasse that the modern times thrusts on them, while giving people a serene path for a tete-e-tete with their inner journey, said Hrishikesh A Mafatlal, addressing the media here.

    ''An honest, non-judgemental eye opener which caters to people of any background in their spiritual journey. While talking of a single Superpower, the book brings out the real culture of India in simple yet profound terms,'' said Mr Mafatlal adding that all this by an American is amazing.

    Speaking on the occasion, Braj Foundation CEO Vineet Narain said the book is a journey in the quest for the meaning of life and addresses the youth's dilemmas when faced with the tumults of life and its day-to-day moorings.

    ''Its not indoctrinating, neither does it impose the author's convictions nor is it a religious treatise. Its a travail and a path to exploring one's spiritual world while talking of India and its spirituality vis a vis other religions of the world.''


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