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    Thumbs up Love Ne Mila Di Jodi 4th Jan 2010 written update!

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    [DOWN]Prithvi thanked damini for everything and for allowing mausi to stay in the house. Damini tells i am just keeping my promise which i gave to mom. she handles her the business papers and tells i hope this time u also keep ur promise. Prithvi gives the papers back damini tells we will be husband and wife infront the world but till then i dont forgive u dont come near me. Prithvi gives the papers back and tells i have promised ma and i can do everything becoz u are with me.

    mausi relatives are so happyy to be in house and is shocked to see such expensive things..
    Damini tells her sisters that she will try to stay with prithvi.. as she have promised ila so she will give prithvi second chance. Damini tells avni to forgive sameer, Avni takes the marriage agreement and thinks she have to give sameer a chance so that he can prove himself.
    Mausin meets the three sons and ask for Suman and sameeer tells she is in hospital as she was not well...mausi tells i have to meet suman to which sameer tells varun and i will take u tomorrow to the hospital to meet mom...

    Mausi his son and her neigbour daugter meets suman.. and mausi son ask nurse wht happened to suman to which she replies that she is in coma.. mausi son thinks that prithvi ne lamba haath maara.. Rani(maasi neighbour daughter) fells in sameer arms and starts staring at him.
    All comes back home mausi complains sameer that u didnt even told wht exactly happened to suman.. sameer excuses himself as he sees doctor comin from avni room.. rani is smiling and mausi says i remember and i promise u will get married to sameer.. Rani is all smiling and leaves from there..

    mausi son tells there is something wrong with this house and people to which mausi tells we have to make everything alright.

    Precap : Rani is crying and tells sameer is already married mausi is shocked to hear this...mausi tells whats happening we have to find out...



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