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    Default Bernie Ecclestone Confident About Felipe Massa’s Comeback

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    According to Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone, Felipe Massa should be more confident in performing for the upcoming races of the year.

    Earlier, the Brazilian racer lost the title to McLaren's Lewis Hamilton by a single point.

    Massa had suffered a serious head injury in the Hungarian Grand Prix in July and since then had been away from the racing. However, according to the sources he is going fine and will be available for the coming races.

    Bernie said, “If he (Massa) handled Kimi, he should be able to handle Fernando," the Briton said at the Japanese Grand Prix. "They are the same type of driver, aren't they? I think he will be alright.”

    "It is good. Good for Fernando, good for Formula One, good for Ferrari," he also added.

    Ferrari had disclosed that, it had signed a three-year deal with former world champion, Fernando Alonso. Brazilian Felipe Massa will be another driver for Ferrari.

    Ferrari has cancelled Kimi Raikkonen’s contract for the coming season.

    According to the sources, the Spaniard driver has a good rapport with fellow men and the management. So he can take up new challenges.

    Bernie is still doubtful whether Alonso can have the same stature as that of former world champion Schumacher.

    "No, no way. He may try, but I don't think he will be successful," he said in a statement.

    The formula chief was also hopeful to see Raikkonen with Hamilton in a new competitive car for the McLaren.

    "I think we will see him in a good car," he said. "It would be good to see him in a McLaren."

    When asked about the rift between the Finn and Ferrari, he added: "Different culture. He is probably better off in an English type team."

    Ecclestone was also optimistic about Sebastien Loeb, who won the World Rally Championship in France. Ecclestone reiterated that, it could happen with Toro Rosso in Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

    "Obviously we would like to see him. He is a well known guy. It is nice to have a change of people, and he is a nice guy as well," Ecclestone added.



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