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    Default 'I prefer to be an actor than a heroine': Gracy Singh

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    Post-Lagaan, Gracy Singh has come a long way. While she chose to join the 'intelligent' actors' association instead of dancing round the trees, Gracy is all set to make a comeback with offbeat film 'Aseema'. The actor speaks to India Blooms correspondent Sreya Basu on her new film

    After a long time you are back on the silver screen...
    You can say that... 'Desh Drohi' was quite some time back.

    Why is that we don't see more of you on screen?
    I don't want to do mindless roles. I prefer to be an actor than a heroine.

    Is your film 'Aseema' based on a novel?
    Yes, the film is based based on the widely acclaimed Oriya novel "Aseema", written by Oriya novelist Sailaja Kumari Aparajita Mohanty. It is a heartwarming story based in Orissa of the eighties and nineties.

    Tell us about your character in the film.
    I play the protagonist (Aseema) in the film. She fights to have her own identity in the society. The manner in which she wins over all obstacles and lives life with honor and dignity is what the film is all about.

    Do you think the audience will appreciate this kind of a film?
    Definitely, the film will be appreciated by the audience because it shows a beautiful love story along with the struggle of a woman in the society.

    Don't you think the film will be too serious for today's audience?
    Not really, I must say the film is quite entertaining and also it sends out a message to the society.

    But it's hard to make a woman-centric film work at the box office now-a-days...
    I know. But that doesn't mean, we will stop making or acting in woman-centric films. Also, I think, if a film is well-made, it will be accepted by the audience.

    What are your next projects?
    I am reading scripts right now. As I told you, I am very particular about the kind of films I want to do. Like in 'Aseema', I loved the script; my character was quite challenging for me. My character portrays all three stages of woman's life and I was lucky to play such a character as its bold character.


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