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    Default Dolph Ziggler Preview - Update 7-21-15

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    Slowly the new 2D arena is revealed to the world along with potentially another future 2D superstar! Many details are still to be added to entrances such as lights and pyro. The progress is still going very well for the first season of 2DWrestling. One match is left to complete and then we will be moving on to voice overs and facial puppeteering.


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    Default Dolph Ziggler Preview Update 7 21 15

    One of the big matches for Smackdown's PPV is yet another IC title match between the Miz and Dolph Ziggler.

    Only this time, if Miz beats Ziggler again, Ziggler's career is over.

    I haven't heard any rumors of Ziggler's departure. But, given his history of injuries concussions, in particular, given that he needs another IC title run like more peroxide for his hair, and given why Daniel Bryan called it a day, it appears as if the "Show Off" is headed into the sunset.

    Is he retiring or simply leaving WWE?



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