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    Drive Thru

    I rose this morn with much to do -
    Hopped in the car and off I flew.

    No time for breakfast, that I knew -
    Glad "Dunkin DoNuts" has Drive Thru.

    In need of dollars, quite a few -
    Went to the bank teller's Drive Thru.

    Then filled all my prescriptions too -
    At "Pharmacy's" brand new Drive Thru.

    Some bills to mail in box of blue -
    Off to the "Post Office" Drive Thru.

    Picked up the laundry cleaned anew -
    Just stopped at "Suds & Duds" Drive Thru.

    With lunchtime near, my tummy's queue -
    Got a "Big Mac" from the Drive Thru.

    The car by then was low on fuel -
    Full serve at "Shell", just Drive on Thru.

    And when they fill the tank for you -
    Your car's washed free - in their Drive Thru.

    Library books were overdue -
    The curbside slot is a Drive Thru.

    Then videos must go back too -
    "Blockbuster" has their own Drive Thru.

    In need of milk and bread, I knew -
    I stopped at "Dairymaid's" Drive Thru.

    The family asked "Please, can we do -
    The "Drive In" show when dinner's thru???"



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