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    Cool Few Sardar Jokes

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    Short girl to marry

    Sardar selected a short girl to marry.


    Because guru ji told him

    Musibat jitni choti ho utna acha hai …

    See my legs

    In bio practical: Examiner:Tell me the name of this bird by seeing it’s legs only?

    Sardar:I don’t know.

    Examiner:You failed, what’s your name?

    Sardaree my legs & tell my name

    wrong to sleep with married women

    Zil is not sleeping with his wife! these days

    Guess why?

    because somebody had told him that

    it is wrong to sleep with married women.

    Leave application

    Sardar’s Leave application
    Dear Sir,
    My wife is ill.
    As there is no other Husband
    in the family to look after her,
    Kindly grant me leave for one day.
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    sorry dude .... Hash

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