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    Arrow Married life of Abhishek Bachan ( According To Vedic Astrology )

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    Abhishek was born on 5th of February, 1976 at Bombay. At the time of his birth Libra Ascendant was rising on the eastern horizon. He was born under the Revathi Nakshatra in Pisces Sign or Rashi. Ascendant plays a very important part in a horoscope. Ascendant /Rising Sign or Lagna is the physical aspect of one’s self or the portrayal to the people around us.

    Married life of Abhishek

    According to Vedic Indian astrology, 7th house and its Lord tell about marriage and spouse-related matters. Venus and Jupiter are known as natural karakas of marriage-related issues. In Abhishek’s Chart there is Aries Sign in 7th house. Lord of 7th house Mars is placed in 8th house in Taurus Sign. Placement of Mars in Taurus sign is not a very good placement. In Navamansa Chart, Mars is placed in 10th house along with Sun and is aspected by Mercury. In Natal Chart, 7th house is aspected by Yoga Karaka Saturn. In Navamansa Chart, Jupiter is occupying 5th house being Atmakaraka and retrograde Saturn is occupying 7th to Atmakaraka Jupiter. Due to these combinations, Abhishek’s spouse will be older than him. According to Moon Chart, Virgo Sign is occupying the 7th house and its Lord Mercury is placed in the 4th house, being Yoga Karaka planet and aspected by another yoga karaka planet Saturn. This indicates his spouse will belong to a good cultured family. He will enjoy all worldly comforts and enjoy the fruits of success along with his spouse. Placement of 7th Lord Mars in 8th is not very favourable. Placement of Mars in Taurus sign is not a very good placement. In Navamansa Chart also, Mars is not well placed; it is placed in Cancer sign, which is its sign of debilitation. It indicates, that a few times, his thoughts and views won’t match with his spouse. There are indications of a few disputes and arguments with his spouse. The fact that both Abhishek and Aishwarya are fiercely independent personalities is not helping either. So Abhishek needs to be careful in his marital affairs and take care not to press too hard in marital matters or else there are indications of bickering and tensions in his married life.

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