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    Red face Aamir Khan apologises... again!

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    Aamir Khan apologises... again!
    Aamir Khan maybe called a perfectionist when it comes to acting but in his real life the actor is like any other immature and imperfectly normal human being.

    Recently Aamir had promised his fans of giving up smoking but wasnít able to keep up with it. The versatile actor has apologized to his fans on his blog blaming the pre-release tension of his upcoming film Jaane TuÖ to be the reason he couldnít quit the addiction for nicotine. Aamir has jotted down in his blog,

    ďIíve begun smoking again. I know you guys are going to kick the **** out of me, my family is already doing that.

    In fact thatís one of the reasons I havenít posted for so long, I mean because of my smoking. I didnít know how to face all of you.

    Iíd want to write about something interesting, but Iíd broken my promise to yíall so Iíd not know how to get around that, and then Iíd just shut my comp. So I thought let me start by coming clean, and expose my human frailties.

    I donít smoke in front of kids, and I donít smoke in the presence of people who get disturbed with it. Small mercies, I know. But what to do? I get really stressed when any of my films is about to release.

    I know the music is doing really well and most of you will tell me there is nothing to worry about but it doesnít work like that. Bear with me folks, Iíll give up once Jaane Tu... releases.

    So much to tell you guys but I know that you wonít be listening to anything I say now so Iíll keep this one short.

    Have been enjoying the cross chatting thatís going on between a bunch of you. And Iíve created a feature where I can respond to specific comments within a post. Responses its called. Iíve posted a few in my last post to give you an idea. Ok. Iím running for cover as soon as I click the submit tab. Be kind now.Ē

    Well, Aamir, we do hope that you keep up with your new promise and quit smoking once Jaane TuÖ is released.



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