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    Default Sakshi to try and convince Devika to marry Ravi on Kalash - Ek Vishwaas

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    So will Devika get married to Saket or Ravi?

    Here is an interesting update on Kalash - Ek Vishwaas.

    As of now we have seen how Sakshi (Shritama Mukherjee) is trying her level best to pull Saket (Mahesh Shetty) down in everything he does. She wants the family to think that he is a bad person and hence she is trying her tricks to prove the same.

    In the coming episodes, Saket and Devika (Aparna Dixit) who want to get married will face some problems. Sakshi will tell her mother that Saket is not suitable for Devika and that she should consider Ravi as an option for her, since he cares for her. Her mother will discuss the same with the family.

    So will Devika get married to Saket or Ravi (Krip Suri)?

    When asked Shritama Mukherjee about the same, she said, “That is something only time will tell



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