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    Default Revealed: Virat's 'obsessive love' for Shraddha in Life OK's Piya Rangrezz

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    Life OK’s popular show, Piya Rangrezz (Sphere Origins Productions) is constantly entertaining audiences with its engrossing story line tweaked with a lot of twists.

    Well, the show will see one of its first major turning points with the real face of Virat (Sahil Phull) being revealed to the audience this week.

    Firstly, there will be sorrow news for Shraddha (Kirtida Mistry) with the demise of her Dadi. Her heart will weep and the girl will want to meet her dadi before the cremation. Shraddha’s father will come and persuade Bhanvri Devi (Narayani Shastri) to allow Shraddha to come home so that she can be present for the last rights. However, Bhanwri, stern as ever, will grant only a day’s permission for Shraddha.

    Shraddha will see her dadi for the last time, and will be returning when she will be attacked by some goons. And Virat will turn out to be Shraddha’s saviour, and he will fight the goons heroically and save Shraddha.

    Well, at the end of this fight sequence, viewers will be left confused as to who would have attacked Shraddha. The first prime suspect will of course be Bhanwri, but a conversation between Bhanwri and Munna Mama (Afzaal Khan) will be shown wherein Bhanwri will deny sending goons to beat up Shraddha.

    This will be when Virat’s real face will be shown… The man will be so obsessed towards Shraddha that he will want to secure her love and trust. In order to get into the good books of Shraddha, Virat would have planted the goons to trouble Shraddha, so that he can heroically save her.

    Yes, as per sources, Virat’s on-screen persona will also go through a major change, with him opening up his obsessive love for Shraddha.

    We tried contacting Sahil, but could not get through to him.

    Get to watch this interesting development in the Life OK show.



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