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    Default Chaos drama reaches its peak with Nivedita's entry in Kalash!

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    Nevedita to create chaos in Devika and Ravi's life in Kalash.

    We had earlier reporter that Parakh Madan will be entering the popular show Kalash-Ek Vishwaas.

    Currently on the show Ravi and Deepika's relationship, which had started with hatred is gradually treading down a different road as they are seen bonding and fighting less.

    Our source says "In the coming episodes Nivedita will enter the show as Ravi's boss. Nivedita makes her entry in a Mercedes and ends up bashing Manju(Alka Amin). Manju wants a rich girl for Ravi and when she sees Nevadita she thinks of getting Ravi married to Nivedita."

    Will Manju be successful? Who do our viewers want to see Ravi with - Deepika or Nivedita?



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