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    Default ||...Teen finds dad on net after 9 years...||

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    A SCHOOLGIRL will celebrate her first Christmas with her dad this year - after
    tracking him down on the internet. Jess Broadley, 14, found Kevin Roberts
    on a social networking website after a nine-year search.

    She sent him a friend request with a message reading: "Hi I believe you're my
    dad I've been looking for you for a long time and thought it would be time we
    got in contact as I'm 14 now. Hope you contact me back." Kevin remembered
    a brief fling with her mum Helen, 36, in 1995 - and when he saw Jess's profile
    picture "knew she was part of me".

    The teen, of Colwyn, North Wales, said: "I was so nervous when I sent Dad
    the message. "When I first saw him, he was not what I thought he'd look like
    - he looked older than my friend's dad!"

    Kevin, 43, had recently created a Facebook account as he faced his first
    Christmas alone after splitting from his wife and moving into a B&B. He said:
    "It is truly amazing. I had always slightly longed for a daughter."

    Helen, who brought up Jess with hubby Peter Broadley and his two kids, said:
    "Speaking to Kevin again is a bit weird, but he's made her very happy so I am




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    aww such a cute story



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