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    Default 5 reasons why Shapath is still a kickass show

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    Three years have passed and Life OK show Shapath (Fireworks Prouductions) has not yet lost its charm and fan following and is rather, going strong day by day. With some brilliant actors like Aman Yatan Verma, Aamir Dalvi, Iris Maity, Amit Pachori on board, the show is an amazing watch for any action flick lover.

    And here we are presenting you with five reasons why the series is still a kickass show. Take a look…

    Aman Yatan Verma

    As ACP Diler Khan, Aman Verma is his absolute best in this show. No one can doubt his acting prowess and in this role he has simply taken that to another new level. His acting chops can make the mundane episode into an exciting one. A true performer in his own rights, Aman has made Diler Singh, one of the best and sexiest cops ever presented on small screen.

    Ensemble cast

    Perhaps the best thing about the show is its ensemble cast. With the regular cool cops like Aamir Dalvi, Iris Maity, Amit Pachori, the show also witnesses many new characters for each new episode. While the regular cast keeps us entertained with their own unique ways the new cast members help to keep the freshness alive.

    Interesting cases and unique ways of solving crime

    The super cops have their own ways of untangling any mystery. From other mundane criminals to other worldly villains the super cops have nabbed them all. Those who have developed a taste for the unusual, this show is a perfect watch for them.

    Action sequence

    A visual treat for the adrenaline junkies, Shapath ensures super fight sequence between super cops and super villains. With some high octane fight sequence and digital effects to make it even more attractive, no one would love to give it a miss.

    High production value

    From direction to editing to cinematography to the entire execution, the behind the camera crew is equally efficient as the actors on the show. From fast pace direction to crisp editing to perfect picturesque cinematography, Shapath concentrates on every single detail making the show an authentic one. And we appreciate the effort of the team for that.

    Don’t you agree that the show still captures our fantasy and you are also hooked to it like us? Shout out your thoughts in the comment section below. And if you love to watch Shapath, share and retweet the story.



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