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    Default Acting is one thing which should be genuine and not look fake - Moshin Khan

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    Actor Moshin Khan, talks about his new show Dream Girl with us.

    Shashi Sumeet Productions' which has its hand full with another new show Dream Girl on Life OK, has roped in actor Moshin Khan, who was last seen on Nisha Aur Uske Cousins. While Dream Girl marks Moshin's first show as a lead, he is quite elated to be seen on the small screen in a new show.

    In conversation with us, Mohsin speaks about character and more...

    Tell us about your character?

    In Dream Girl, I am playing the character of Samar Sareen who is the son of the production house owner. He has lived in the US and has come back to Mumbai from New York Film academy. Samar has come to India to become a big actor and his family is preparing to launch him in Bollywood.

    You all will get to know his ambition in the show that though he belongs to Sareen family who are well established in the industry, still he doesn't want to become a star, he wants to become an actor and he follows the footsteps of good actors like Om Puri, Naseeruddin Shah, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and wants to do those kind of films which these actors do. But his family wants him to become a star and when he puts forth his wish, his family disagrees with him. This is where people will come to know him as a person that although he comes from such a rich family, having lived a very luxurious life, but still he wants to become a simple actor to know his talent.

    So to learn and enhance his acting skills he lives in a chawl and become samosawala to experience the common man's life. He wants to face the struggle of a common man who comes to become an actor. He lives in the chawl with a different name as Raj samosawala. Thus, audience will get to know his journey how he is struggling to understand and lives common man's life to become a good actor.

    Like your character, have you done something to add on to your acting skills?

    I was lucky because when I used to take acting classes, I got a very good guidance from my teachers. Firstly, I took training from the acting school owned by Anupam Kher for three months. Then I took dance training from Shiamak Davar, other than that, in our institute many theater professors used to visit to give use guidance. I have also worked as an assistant director and there I got to learn many technicality like camera facing, how to deliver dialogues, how much to modulate your speech.

    These things are really necessary which every actor has to learn but acting is one thing which should be genuine and should not look fake. This is one thing which cannot be learnt, it has to be within the actor. So, I try to inculcate everything which I have learnt and try to look genuine while doing acting.

    The show's main focus is on the female lead's dreams, so don't you think so that you character might get less prominence?

    I think our television is a woman oriented mass. Yes, the story revolves around a girl and her dream who comes from Jodhpur to Mumbai and lives in a small chawl to fulfill her dream of becoming an actress. There, Samar who has disguised himself as Raj meets Laxmi in the chawl where they have to live together and later their struggle starts together. Both are opposite to each other because this guy wants to become an actor and the girl wants to become a star.

    So there will lots of arguments, fights seen between them and after some time they will realize that they both need each other to accomplish their respective goals. So, how they realize is the basic story of a dream girl.

    Its your first show as a lead, so how excited you are?

    More than excited, I am nervous for the show because the show is quite experimental as its not only youth oriented or saas bahu types, but its the mixture of both. You will see a love story, family drama where Laxmi's (Nikita Dutta) family is involved, my family is involved, there are office scenes too on the show. So, there are lots of combinations.

    We wishes Moshin Khan all the best for the new show!

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