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    Since most of the time . you guys are doing a great job. but there are few mistakes.
    the logo is almost killing me to download your files.
    the next is size.
    the third bad thing is the format which is avi. i would recommend mp4 it is supported by all devices. it is a universal format. as well the codec is much more good.

    please do something about it.
    and also please have complete monthly packs of tv shows.
    1)comedy nights with kapil for january 2014. all episodes in 1 folder. upload them on torrent sites to get much more users.
    2)make logo appear at the begining and end of the show.not while we are watching.
    3)convert the files into 720p and 480p youtube version trust me there is a size difference of almost 100mb with each episode.
    i had downloaded both files from your website as well as youtube official website.

    you can learn from various webistes that are posting hollywood tv shows such as-

    please do consider about the suggestions i made it might take 10 more minutes but it is worth the time and also the result is good.

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