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    Default Step Into The Future With Mercedes F700

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    This is probably from the series “How Mercedes has created a magic carpet”This is the only and unique car belongs to Abu Dhabi – Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan)

    Mercedes Benz F700 – a prestigious 4-seater car with the experimental economical gasoline-diesel engine. 5,17 m in length and spacious interior creates a comfortable environment for the trip. In the car running the latest development in the field of depreciation – “PRE-SCAN” suspension, which with the help of laser scans the surface in front of cars, recognizes and adapts to the road surface, which greatly improves ride comfort (a feeling that you fly on the carpet)

    DiesOtto – that’s the heart of this car. Four-cylinder engine has a volume of 1.8 liters and power 238 hp. Also installed an electric motor 20 hp,Torque – 400 Nm. This car uses up to “hundreds” of 5,31 l and complies with the exhaust Euro-6. Top speed is electronically limited at around 200 km /h.

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    that's hottttt!!

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    I usually forgive.. but only ma self

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