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    Default ||...Audi The Superlight Supercar For 2032...||

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    The HSV Encore concept from designer Edwin Conan was an innovative,
    futuristic ride dated for the year 2020, and his new Audi Avatar concept is
    another futuristic supercar, dated for 2032. The futuristic Avatar connects
    to Audi’s past by getting inspiration from the 1937 Auto Union Type C
    streamliner, and also incorporates the tech and power required for a
    supercar of the future.

    Entry and exit to the car carry their touches of future as well, each
    passenger enters through three glass canopies, where the main canopy
    moves forward with the dashboard and steering wheel, while the other two
    move backwards. Side panels on the bodywork also open withcanopies, to
    provide passengers a step, thus making entry and exit easier.




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    Location my own beautifuL worLd =)


    2032 why not 3000 loL

    where are the tire ?

    thanks for sharinG

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    wow im so getting that



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