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    Default Ryback - The big guy

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    Ryback is on a huge push as of late.

    What do you think, is he just a gap filler?
    Orr will they keep him as a top guy?

    We all know Cena and Ryback had a special history. Some people were talking about passing the torch.
    I personally like Ryback and his powerhouse style. Hopefully they keep him up and we get some nice good old powerhouse matches like Ryback vs Reigns, Ryback vs Russev ...
    Would be great to see some more powerhouses in the main events again. I think the last one, who dominated with this style for quite some time was Batista. We need a new powerhouse !

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    I agree, also would much rather see Ryback Lesnar than goddamn Cena Lesnar, again!

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    The Ryback is the best. I've been a big fan virtually since his debut under this gimmick. He has a surprising amount of personality too. The RybAxel split up was fantastic.

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