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    Default Everyone is absolutely crazy in Comedy Classes: Madhura Naik

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    Actor Madhura Naik, who is currently doing comedy reality show Comedy Classes (Optimystix Entertainment), which airs on Life OK, said that she should be paid more.

    In a candid chat with us the pretty actor commented, “My producers should pay me some more, so that, once the show ends I can visit a good mental hospital for my treatment (laughs).”

    “All my co-stars are nothing but insane. Even my director falls into that category. I believe except for the crew, who works behind the camera, everyone in the show is mad. And after spending so much time with them even I have gone absolutely crazy”.

    And Madhura burst into laughter.

    Madhura also added, “At first it was difficult for me to cope up, as I have never done any comedy show before. But, gradually I realized they are all insane and I simply went with flow”.

    The actor, who has already essayed various kinds of role, also said that now she would love to act in some more comic roles.

    When Madhura was also asked about her glam diva role, as she has mostly pulled off such roles with ease, she quickly said that she loves to be very stylish and fashionable but there are instances where she can be really messy.

    By going through her public appearances it’s a bit hard to believe. Isn’t it?



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