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    Default Neil's on prison break?

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    When Neil Nitin Mukesh hopped on to the bonnet of a car in the dead of the night during his Jail promotional tour for a photocall, he sure wasnít thinking about the significance of his character driving one in Jail.

    While much has been written about Neilís prison tales, no word has leaked out on the crime his character commits that lands him behind bars. Jail is a tale of how things go terribly wrong for Neil when he takes the wheel, ferrying his roommate who carries drugs without Neilís knowledge!

    The misery of Neilís arrest despite being innocent and his endless wait for justice in prison forms the crux of the film, which was recently given seven cuts for its U/A certification. Says Vinayak Azad, regional officer, Central Board of Film Certification, ďItís a well-researched, thought-provoking film. I wanted to pass the film without a single cut provided the makers agreed to an A certificate. A U/A certification can neither have words like ch****a nor have blurry nude scenes. The nude scene has to be completely blackened for U/A certification.Ē

    With a growing number of nude scenes in Indian movies (Jail and now, [email protected]), Azad feels that makers should be prepared for an A certification while shooting nudity, unless, of course, they want to use the hype as a publicity tool! ďItís easy to portray CBFC as a scissor-happy organization. But why not expect an A rating while shooting nudity? A film-maker wants creative license as much as commercial success, which gets restricted for an adult rating even though an adult tag shouldnít mean sleaze. National Award-winning Parzania too had an A certification,Ē Azad says, adding, ďIíd like to add a consumer advisory on the certificate to state the reasons (read strong language or violence) behind awarding an A tag. Otherwise, CBFC will remain the favourite punching bag.Ē
    Well, amen to that!



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